The Best Ice Cream And Gelato I Ever Had

Hello guys and today I want to share with you the best ice cream I ever had in my entire life. And I’m not exaggerating. I have had some good ice cream in my life, but nothing like I had in the place Mendocino. Not only the place you stay are old and unique, they have fresh-made breakfasts that, along with the ice cream, is also the best breakfast I ever had. And what was funny is that I had ice cream for breakfast there. Nothing can go wrong with that. I also had hot chocolate that was delicious, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. I forgot what the main meal was, but it also was probably delicious. They literally make all of it. I was very impressed about the quality.

So the place I stayed at was a lighthouse that they turned into a B&B and we had the perfect view of the sunset and the beach. I would definitely recommend going there, even just for the ice cream. Even though I only stayed for a few nights there, it was a great experience and would like to go there again.


This picture here is one of the cute little houses that people can B&B.



Now enough talking about ice cream, what about gelato? So in Rome, Italy, I had some amazing gelato, definitely the best I’ve ever had. Now I haven’t tried gelato much before to compare the quality and flavors, but I have tried some other places that were not even close to the one(s) I tried in Italy (my family and I had gelato nearly every day when we were over there). The gelato was truly breathtaking. Another thing unique about the place we got our gelato at was that they had so many flavors, toppings, and cones. I remember that I really liked the pistachio, but they also had so many other flavors and toppings that were also amazing.

I hope this was helpful to have the best ice cream and gelato review, and that you can hopefully experience these amazing deserts for yourself.

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